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Get ready for Shravan!

Get ready for Shravan! It’s a little less than a few days left, before the holy month of Shravan arrives. Blending with the beauty of rain, this pious period in the Maharashtrian calendar brings in prosperity and health amongst people. For hundreds of years, this month has been synonymous with an abundance of auspicious occasions.
Remember the time you lay on your grandmother’s lap while she recited fables. The smell of fresh linen, her soft block printed dupatta nestling you. She looked serene and calm, an epitome of comfort. For all Indian women, the traditional kurta with these block printed ornis bring out the true reflection of the motherly women.
Indian block printed designs go as back at 3000 BC. The excavations at Mohenjo-Daro found scraps of cloths with implications of block prints. This art later flourished from the dawn of the 12th century, where it gained fame under the court of the rajas. Today, carrying forward the patronage of the ancient maharajas, block printed
“Preserve the beauty within you” – adhering to this concept, our ancestors have used beauty products hailing from the bosom of nature. Ashwagandha, Neem, Tulsi, Chandan, Haldi and other extracts blended with aromatic oils to create the purest form of face washes. Moisturizing and helping women retain their radiant glow; Indian imprints give credence to
“Intricate, delicate and calling to notice Changing colour with light Teasing, taunting, putting up airs, Sometimes peeking, sometimes camouflaging Another ear, another neck, a different hand to grasp What a chameleon, but you can’t help love it more.” Contemporary modern Indian jewellery is like a chameleon, be it gold or silver or modern art. Sometimes
Indian women share a love affair with jewelleries for over 5000 years ever since their inception. Their ardent admiration for pieces of ornaments was given shape by the then skilful crafts workers. They used to create lustrous jewelleries out of organic materials including clay, copper, ivory and wood to name a few. Every piece of
While traversing the village lanes, you may come across the potter spinning his wheel vigorously. Sweat drips past his forehead, and the scorching sun blazes behind. But, he stops not, in his work of creating unique handmade pots. Made with precision & concentration, India Imprints celebrate the way these products showcase the emotion of these
India is one country that thrives on its culture. Be it classical dance or music you can’t beat the Taal or the Sur of Indian classical beats. Travelling back in time it all started with the Vedic period. The ancient Indians combined the 3 arts of vadya, gita, and nrttya, which lead to the modern
Many indigenous tribesmen believe that worshipping nature is best found through Gond painting. The word itself derives from kond, meaning the purest form of devotion. They deliver their devotion through artfully depicting stories via paintings. Vivid colours and line patterns result in many Gond masterpieces adorning the tapestries of age-old bungalows.
India being a land of veritable treasures, occupies the crest when it comes to painting. A strong sense of emotion is expressed through the Indian paintings over hundreds and thousands of years. However, Indian paintings weren’t just restricted among drawings and sculptures, this form of art went through a whole fresh range of discoveries. The
“Vibrant colours come alive, catching your attention off guard.” These glass painted pendants are new and versatile additions to the modern Indian jewellery. Infused with bright colours and intricate designs, these trinkets are ideal for the contemporary Indian diva. Lightweight and eye-catching, wear these pendants with your favourite sari, and flaunt your Indo-Western look!
Today, how many of you cherish the essence of organic soaps? None it seems, as you all are busy running after the commercial ads giving out big promises. Well, while they are assuring you delicate skin, flawless face, do you know the level of chemicals they use? These chemicals and sulphate based products may look