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India’s diverse culture is like the fingers on a palm. Diverse and unique in their own aspects, these cultures encompass India and make her who she is. Just like each finger helps a palm become complete, these cultures and eccentric ethnicities each add-on to India’s allure. India Imprints retrospects the history of India; she had
There’s nothing more conducive to the ideal Indian beauty than herbal care. Thus, India Imprints cares for you with its range of herbal skin care products. Our shampoos, body creams, and lip balms ensure perfect hair and skin health for you. After all, your exquisite skin glows best when cared by nature herself.
This is how once in a day; Devi Mangala Gauri is worshipped amongst the Maharashtrians, throughout the Shravan month. With sixteen different types of fruits, laddus, and five different types of dry fruits, Marathi women worship Devi Gauri every Tuesday; hence, the name comes Mangal Gaur. It is to notice that, number 16 is significant
If you are an ardent follower of Lord Shiva, the chances are you’re at the peak of shopping and celebrations right now, for it is the Shravan month! The reason is deep-rooted in the Hindu mythology. Lord Shiva came to the rescue of gods and demons when poison came out while churning the oceans. This
Our pride lies rooted in our traditions. We, as Indians stand as one strong nation with our hearts and minds unified in a common bond nurtured through generations. India Imprints is an endeavour to continue these traditions, as we honour our culture by holding our artisans in high esteem.
As Indians, we find our culture to resonate the strongest with nature. After all, we place the earth on a maternal pedestal, proving our divine connection with nature. This is one of the reasons why we advocate the idea of sustainable fashion since we prefer staying close to nature. The origins of eco-friendly clothing date
Nothing provides women with a fusion of spunk and elegance than beaded jewellery. Hand-made beaded jewellery has existed in India since the past 5000 years. India Imprints is one of the foremost revivalists of these ornaments. Our collections of beaded ornaments not only accessorise your appearance but also connect you with the artisans who created
‘A woman is nothing less or more than that piece of necklace she’s wearing.’ Indian women’s fascination for jewellery is ever-lasting. It all started 5000 years ago. During the Indus Valley Civilisation, and even after that, men and women handcrafted jewellery with different coloured beads and natural stones. They made beads out of ivory, silver
In the midst of heavy downpour, Shravan has already set in calling out all the Indians to dance in the rain of joy. Starting from 2nd August in the Hindu Calendar, this holy month offers a complete run on festivals. Beginning with Shravani Somvar, the major portion of Shravan month is dedicated to the worship
Our traditions breathe in stories. From the age-old bards, or Chitrakars in ancient India, to mothers and grandmothers in every household this day, our stories define us. India Imprints feels proud to continue this legacy of storytellers, as we bring to you hand woven Kalamkari sarees by our craftsmen, who narrate these stories through generations.
Indian women are known for their innate, natural glow. Belonging to a culture that reveres the earth, our ladies look best when their skin is bestowed with natural care. Thus, India Imprints brings you skin care products that bear their origins in Mother Earth. After all, who can care better than nature herself? Our range
Indian culture regards nature with a maternal reverence. This is also one of the reasons why we, as Indians are the strongest advocates of sustainable fashion. The trend of eco-friendly clothing in our country dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation. Hence, at India Imprints, we commemorate this maternal bond by bringing you hand-crafted, nature-friendly