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Beauty stays timeless when cared for by Mother Nature herself. Moreover, the Indian female looks gorgeous without any additional artificial enhancements. Her lustrous black locks, her radiant skin, her almond-shaped eyes stay best under natural care. This is why, India Imprints provides her with products that nourish her beauty in the best manner.
“When you support handmade, you are not just supporting a person or business; you are purchasing a small part of an artist’s heart!” India and art are two inseparable entities. The excavations of two earliest civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro are praised for their artistic excellence even in today’s advanced world. And when it
We all love to wear kalamkari printed saris and kurtas. But do you know the history behind such a loved art of work? Kalamkari derived its name from 2 words – ‘kalam’ (pen) and ‘kari’ (work), meaning pen-work. This art form was initially started to depict Hindu mythology in parts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil
There’s no beauty as ethereal as an Indian woman draped in a saree. Generations of females in our country have worn this garment with a characteristic élan, definitive of her beauty and strength. India Imprints holds this uninhibited beauty in high esteem by adorning them in weaves spun by indigenous artisans, who consider their art
“Do you know why the Indian rain dances always worked? Because the Indians would keep dancing until it rained”, says Sherman Alexie. When it comes to dance, the diversity of Indian dance forms is unrivalled. The presence of numerous classical dance forms reflects the value that India and its people associate with art. From Kathak
Our heritage is replete with its repertoire of stories. From Vyasa’s Mahabharata, and Valmiki’s Ramayana, to the fables our grandmothers narrate, the significance of stories in our culture is inexplicable in words. And, our artisans keep that legacy alive, while imbibing many of these in their craft. India Imprints rejoices these stories’ cadence and strives
The sensuality and femininity of the Indian woman gain a distinctive glamour quotient when adorned by the saree. Our ladies have worn this six-yard garment throughout generations. From grandmothers and mothers to the bubbly young girl, the saree has been indispensable household and ceremonial attire in our culture. Though, not very long ago, the popularity
The auspicious month of Shravan is here. The fifth month of Hindu calendar is considered lucky for worshipping Shiva. It is said that he is the holy Lord of every being alive in this cosmos and thus he is the preserver yet the destroyer, creator yet the demolisher! According to the Vedic scriptures, the universe
Nothing enhances femininity as flawlessly as a piece of jewellery. Moreover, in our culture, significance of ornaments goes beyond the mundane, as we hold them as flag-bearers of our prosperity. We understand, and therefore uphold this ideal, as we do our best to keep up the very essence of Indian ornamentation in our collections of
Do you love decorating your centre-table or a particular corner of your house with potteries you bought from a mela recently? To tell the truth, we all do! Pottery is the purest form of art and the oldest tradition in the Indian subcontinent. Potters from Harappan civilisation crafted both handmade and wheel-made potteries. In ancient
We, as Indians take pride in the coexistence of a plethora of cultures on the same soil. Our desh ki dharti binds us in ties stronger than familial. At India Imprints we revere this spirit of togetherness as we strive to keep this flame of unity burning.
Monsoon is the best season when it comes to explore the culture of Maharashtra. Adorned with lush green and filled with fresh breathable air, the entire state gets ready to engage in a holistic ambiance. Women go for keeping vrat every Monday, by dedicating their body and soul to the might Lord Shiva. However, here’s