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The energetic movements, heavy face masks, elaborate costumes; Chhau dancers seem not to let anything come between them and their breath-taking dance form. This style is practiced predominantly till this day in numerous regions of Bihar, West Bengal, and Odisha. Chhau a semi-classical martial dance form that derives its name from ‘Chhaya’, a Sanskrit word
Indian Tribal paintings, are the new rage. Madhubani, Warli Folk, Kalamezhuthu, Rajashthani are some of the popular tribal painting glorifying their folk art along with mother nature. Combining organic colours, and intricate patterns, these subcontinental artisans, bring alive the beauty of nature on a crisp parchment.
Portraying the spectacular memorandum of its glorious pasts, India’s heritages stand true and proud. Depicting their stories from one generation to another that grew tall hearing about India’s glorious past. This heritage is the ones that keep us rooted in our origins.
India Imprints believes true beauty radiates from within. Hence, we wish to address all Indian youth who chase after commercial ads. Look within your roots. Our indigenous subcontinental beauticians are still out here in their secluded corners making organic beauty wares.
Classical Indian Baul Music has a hauntingly beautiful tone which stays with one long after the music stopped playing. Embodying the feelings of pain, happiness, nostalgia, and longing, the baul music can touch hearts. They play for their soul.
India was attacked time and again by invaders, but she conquered them all, and fragments of their culture got imparted within India. But she recreated herself juxtaposing numerous cultures to develop into a unique goddess. India Imprints remains awe-struck at India’s warmth and flexibility of embracing every tradition and ethnicity with a warm heart.
Ever look at your grandmother’s luscious locks? Even today, she flaunts strong grey locks that were once jet black and long. She never used these fancy shampoos shown in ads, but lathered all-natural handmade hair oil which kept her hair luscious & strong. India Imprints wishes to address all the youth and make them realise
Walking down the woebegone village lanes, on a crisp Sunday afternoon, the lane is empty, except the potter sweating profusely under the sun. He spins his wheel without a care in the world focusing his fears and talents to create earthen posts. The pots so rustic but eluding charm that can melt even the coldest
An Indian woman and her earrings are mostly inseparable; whatever be the occasion, she will deck up in attire and adorn a pair of intricate jhumkas that compliment every occasion. A touch of retro combined with charm, this musical trinket is the earring to choose to grace every occasion.
No matter what shape or size a woman is, she looks ethereal in a sarees. The utter grace and persona of any Indian woman adorned in a pristine handloom sarees are limitless. The epitome of femininity, eluding motherly love and class, India Imprints wishes to give credence to these cottage industries. Creating such exquisite handloom
Indian cuisine is like it’s diversity – vast. From a plethora of cultures juxtaposed, it’s no surprise that India brings to the table assorted food items never seen like before. India’s food reflects their culture. The eating patterns are unique, but each platter is designed with such exquisite care, they imbibe in our senses a
Nothing complements a woman’s beauty better than jewellery, for it adds distinct elegance to her appearance. Moreover, in our culture, we hold ornaments to be symbolic of a household’s prosperity. Therefore, for us, the significance of jewellery transcends materiality. It is this esteem that we honour and celebrate at India Imprints. We take price in